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Kids Language Program

Join us for our RLA Kid’s language program.

Our teachers are well trained and language enthusiasts who make our classes fun and engaging.

Our curriculum is well structured to meet your child’s language learning goals. Classes are 1-hour long meetings once a week for 9 consecutive weeks.

This course is for students starting their language learning from scratch. Cultural aspects will be incorporated into all lessons.

Students will learn a light history about their target language, alphabet and sounds, greetings, counting, the family tree, self-introduction, simple sentence formation and more.

Learning materials will be offered. Homework is issued weekly after every lesson, if applicable. An end of course exam is taken at the end of the course for the older kids.

Classes will run for 9 weeks 

Starting price is $90usd total.  Special discount for families with more than one child.  Contact us for family discount at

Ps Note: We are now taking pre-orders for our Children’s Language Workbooks.
It will be offered in the following languages:
Kriolu of Cabo Verde | Cape Verde
Bubi of Bioko Island
Swahili of East Africa
If interested in joining the waitlist for the workbooks please also click the icon below.

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Kids Language Learning


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