Introduction to Ghanaian Twi (Akan)

Come learn with resplendent Ghana Twi language online. See below for description. Again, welcome to our introduction to languages, we hope you enjoy our class.


Introduction to Ghanaian Twi for Beginners (Course for Spanish Speakers)

You will learn Ghanaian Twi. This is the Akan language. Students must have a notebook to take notes. There will be handouts and flashcards provided to students.

How many weeks? 10/20 weeks

How long is each class? 60 minutes

Beginning of class

New B1A students (Beginner level 1A)

BL1A Fridays 12pm EST 4pm GMT

Use the time converter if needed:



There are 10/20 classes in total. Each module meets at the same time each week. To complete the entire program, you will spend 10 weeks. The course meets once a week.

A light history of the Akan people, greetings, responses to greetings, affirmative words (yes, no, etc.), learning the names of family members, days of the week, month and year, primary colors and counting the 1 to 10. As part of the process, students will also be exposed to light sentence structure.



Students will receive:

1). Virtual handouts for each class

2). homework

3). questionnaires

4). test to make sure you are fluent in the language.

5). Along with virtual electronic flash cards

6). Access to the dedicated Whatsapp group for pronunciation, posting and more.

Withdrawal Policy:
2 days before the class 100% Refund.
day of class 50% refund
Your withdrawal must be in writing


There are no exceptions to the requirements below

Students must have a laptop with Internet access.
Student must have laptop camera on at all times (obviously bathroom breaks, leaving your dedicated student area are all good exceptions)
Positive attitude and respect for self and others.
Students will receive a student welcome packet that will include login credentials 1-3 days prior to class.

Please email with questions, concerns, and comments. Thanks!

Introduction to Twi of Ghana modules and tutorial


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