We are a global African house driven by the passion to craft real access to our languages and to prepare our students for a better life in a global society. 

Resplendence Language Arts is an African language collaboration house. We were founded to reduce and remove language barriers, empower our students, and create a sustainable emphasis on African language studies whilst understanding ancestral tongue and shared cultural knowledge. We serve to protect heritage, arts, storytelling, and our freedoms through culturally relevant courses. Our team has over 75 years of combined teaching experience that we apply directly to our pedagogy, mission, and classroom.

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Core Beliefs



Members under the RLA umbrella interact with others in ways that promote respect. All members of the RLA community
are valued equally and deserving of respect. 

We reject denigration of any member through words or actions and resist stereotyping of members that undermine
Personal and cultural dignity.


Our core is the motto created by julius nyerere, “Ujamaa.”  As Africans, we are fraternal.  We are a tribe first.  Members of the RLA community foster a sense of belonging based on shared core goals/values.

Founded deeply in African Unity. We stand strongly by building each other up through shared resources, common space, and excelling mutually towards our goals.
To this extend, we depend on each other and our best African selves through care and support. Accordingly, our actions are guided not only by what is good for ourselves but by what is overall good for the RLA tribe and its supporters.

Trust and Care

As we teach African Languages, we strive to achieve the highest levels of Excellency in trust, care, and inclusiveness.

We do so by earning our student’s trust through fortified actions such as refraining from insults, slander, and intimidation. We protect our entities both Internally and externally by forging a bond of protection and defense that expressively exists as a haven for peace, trust, and care.

Our community thrives in such by engaging, entrusting, and caring in all activities and in every practice of our RLA community.

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