Our Tribe

RLA Team


Shayla Gaskins

Executive Director RLA online | RLA Zanzibar, Tanzania

Veronica 1

Instructor Veronica

Education Director
Swahili Instructor – East Africa

Professor Rebecca

Professor Rebecca

Assistant Education Director
Twi | Spanish Teacher – Ghana

Professor Kwame

Instructor Kwame

Kriolu (Santiago) Teacher – Cape Verde

cropped resplendence language arts wolof professor bohula e1662874302150

Instructor Bohula

Bubi of Bioko Island – USA

resplendence language arts wolof professor adama edited

Instructor Adama

Wolof | French Teacher – Senegal

Professor Gerard

Instructor Gerard

 Fongbe | French Teacher – Republic of Benin

Guest Professor Justo Bolekia Lead Bubi of Bioko Island Teacher

Esteemed Professor

Dr.Justo Bolekia Boleká

Bubi Professor – Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea)


Instructor Roselinet

In-person Swahili for Kids I Kikuyu Teacher – Kenya

Professor Frank

Instructor Frank

Ga I Twi Teacher – Ghana

resplendence language arts mandinka fula professor bakery

Instructor Bakary

Mandinka & Fula Teacher – The Gambia

Resplendence La

Instructor Dajanna

Afro perspective Spanish teacher – Colombia


Instructor Peace

Igbo Teacher – Nigeria 


Instructor Tosin

Yoruba teacher – Nigeria

Our humble mission

is to create a language world that not only supports a student’s desire to learn an African language but to learn the culture, art, and rich history. 

Our goal

for our students to become fluent in the language of their choice, in practice, respect, and understanding. We strive to do so in dynamic virtual, interactive, and affordable settings immense with passion and innovation for reaching and language building.

Our shared core values

respect, unity, and care/trust are our roots. Simply we say, Come learn with us! As you are most invited to have a seat at our table here at Resplendence Language Arts.

3 kids setting on the field
Summer Kids Language Program Coming Soon.


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