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RLA Team

Shayla Gaskins Profile Image

Shayla Gaskins

Executive Director RLA Online | RLA Zanzibar, Tanzania

Instructor Muthoni

Education Director
Swahili Instructor – East Africa
Professor Kwame

Instructor Kwame

Kriolu (Santiago) Teacher
Cape Verde
Instructor Bohula

Instructor Bohula

Bubi of Bioko Island Teacher
Professor Gerard

Instructor Gerard

Fongbe | French Teacher
Republic of Benin

Esteemed Professor Dr.Justo Bolekia Boleká

Bubi Professor
Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea)

Instructor Roselinet

In-person Swahili for Kids I Kikuyu Teacher
Professor Frank

Instructor Frank

Lead Twi instructor | Ga tutor
Bakary Image

Instructor Bakary

Mandinka & Fula Teacher
The Gambia
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Instructor Leydi

Afro perspective Spanish teacher

Instructor Peace

Igbo Teacher

Instructor Tosin

Yoruba Teacher
Our humble mission

is to create a language world that not only supports a student’s desire to learn an African language but to learn the culture, art, and rich history.

for our students to become fluent in the language of their choice, in practice, respect, and understanding. We strive to do so in dynamic virtual, interactive, and affordable settings immense with passion and innovation for reaching and language building.

respect, unity, and care/trust are our roots. Simply we say, Come learn with us! As you are most invited to have a seat at our table here at Resplendence Language Arts.

We specialize in bringing African languages to our partners. Please use the contact button or email us at info@ResplendenceLanguageArts.com

We offer many things. Here are a few: Private language lessons, language translation, group classes, and free content for our students and subscribers.

All students who are both a customer and consumer along with the public will be held to these standards. Our website is a public website and all services will be rendered and provided based upon these refund standards. If there are exceptions to our general refund policy we will make a note of it on our website within the specified section. The following refund policy is for all products, partnerships, interaction, and all work requested from Resplendence. By making a payment to Resplendence you have agreed to these standards of operation.

Refund policy

5 days or greater 100% refund and/or exchanges

2-4 days prior to the event 50% refund and/or exchanges

24 hours – day of event 0% refund and/or exchanges*

*no refund/exchanges of any kind for specialized events and group events.

For books and materials purchase there is a 0% refund and no exchanges will be provided.

Cancellation by Resplendence

If a class or program is canceled by Resplendence for reasons not related to the participant, you will receive a 100% refund, which includes administrative and enrollment fees. The refund will be processed on the same card details used for the initial purchase. The refund will be issued on the day of the scheduled class or before.

for more questions on our refund policy please email us info@resplendencelanguagearts.com


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