Top 3 African YouTube Influencers

Africa is great, beautiful, and full of diverse cultures, languages and people. Unfortunately, it has suffered from the negative narrative pushed forward from its colonial period as the Dark Continent, a place of despair and pain. This is definitely not the case and below are some influencers who are trying to educate, and paint to the world a different Africa, one that is on the rise, beautiful and imposing.
1. Wode Maya
Wode Maya is a freelance Ghanaian vlogger whose goal is to change the negative narrative of
Africa by promoting all African countries. He does this by highlighting cultures, lifestyles and sharing the many success stories from individuals who have tried and made it in their respective fields.
His first viral video was a video in which he took a bus while studying in China and the other passengers stood due to his color. Such experiences have had an impact on his content, message and personal brand.
On YouTube you can find his content on his page at “WODE MAYA”.

2. Tayo Aina
Tayo Aina is a Nigerian vlogger, Travel YouTuber, and entrepreneur who has won the future awards Africa prize for content creation 2022. He promotes tourism through his videos and pictures compelling foreigners and Nigerians alike to visit different parts of the continent.
His content highlights the beauty that is Africa and the stories behind some of the brands and businesses.
On YouTube you can find his content at “Tayo Aina”.

3. Goblack2Africa
Just like Wode Maya, GoBlack2Africa is a channel that educates, and shines a light on the continent of Africa, recreating the depiction of Africa for what it truly is, not what people think it is. He has the intention of visiting all African states and displaying what each has to offer, and the beauty that lies within. His main aim are the diaspora who left the continent, or have not been for a while. To help them see the changes and developments taking place back home, and why they should be part of that change.
His YouTube handle is at “Goblack2Africa”.

4. Special mention – Ally Jape
This list would not be complete without a shout out to Ally Japer. He is a content creator, professional tour guide, and activities service provider based in Zanzibar. He is passionate about his home Zanzibar, showcasing the vibrant Swahili culture there, deep history and its vibrant life.
He is opening the world to the possibilities and beauty of not only Zanzibar but also Africa as a whole. His YouTube handle is at “Ally Jape”.

For those who want to learn more about Africa, and learn the myriad of languages found in Africa from those in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Swahili and any other global African languages. You can find us at and on YouTube at “Resplendence Language Arts”.


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