One of the best ways of experiencing a new culture is through food. As you travel through Senegal you will come to the realization that Senegalese love talking about food. It is thus a good idea to familiarize oneself with the common platters if you plan to visit or move to Senegal.

Most dishes you’ll find out are either made with millet or rice accompanied by meat or fish. Most people use hands while eating, while others use a bread or a spoon depending on the dish. It is important to also remember that eating is a social activity, which calls for the participation of everyone around, and most families eat from a communal bowl. Some common dishes include, jollof, Yassa (white rice with onion sauce served with a type of meat), Grilled fish, Fonde (Millet porridge with curdled milk and sugar), Fataya, and Beignets.

One of these very important dishes is Jollof.  Jollof Wars?

This is a rice dish made from long grain rice, meat, vegetables, onions, tomatoes and spices all in a single pot. Across West Africa, Jollof is made in different countries and places and all in unique ways. Jollof is also an integral part of West African culture, and which elicits strong emotions from individuals, so beware. The well-known Jollof rivalry is between Nigeria and Ghana, but what most don’t know is that Jollof has its origins in Senegal. In 2021, the Senegalese version of Jollof was included in Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list.

A good way of enjoying Senegal is through its nightlife which is full of life. Other than stargazing or intimate and quiet dinners, you can visit Senegalese nightclubs which are some of the liveliest you’ll find on the continent. Dakar is perhaps the best place to enjoy a night out, with its energetic and colorful music scene. The main sounds are hip-hop and Mbalax; a hectic drum driven style made famous by Youssou N’Dour and his band.


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