Nationals of a number of African countries do not need to apply for a visa in their country of residence before coming to Ghana, as they can acquire one on arrival at the International airport in Accra, as well as a number of seaports. These countries include Swaziland, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia and Malawi. Those who are from ECOWAS nations as well as Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya are exempt from acquiring a visa altogether. Apart from these nations above, everyone else is required to apply for an entry visa at the Ghanaian representation in their respective countries. For more on visa requirements to Ghana, use the link, and

Those moving to Ghana for work will need residence and work permits. In Ghana the government has an immigrant quota that limits the number of foreigners who can be employed by those companies operating there. Work permit application must be done in person at the Ghana immigration services headquarters in Accra, and the work permits are granted for a one year, or the length of the contract. To get permanent residency in Ghana, you have to have lived in Ghana for more than ten years and can prove that you have made substantial contributions to the economy. The other option is if you are married to a Ghanaian national who has lived in the country for more than five years . You can find more on

Accra is a large city and as an expat you might be wondering where to stay, a decision that may be dependent on your current needs. These are some of the popular places with expats: Airport Residential Area, The cantonment enclave, Labone, Roman Ridge, and East Legon. For expatriates, and tourists there is no better way of learning about Ghana as country than through the eyeshttps of its YouTube content creators and influencers. These include, but are not limited to, Jasmice Ama, Callan Wesley, Joseph Nti, Ako Dimples,, McBrown’s Kitchen, and Stella Shanelly.


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