Ghana is a beautiful place to be, showcasing some of the cultural diversity and scenic sites that Africa has to offer. There are many places to visit while in Ghana, to witness the vibrant culture up close, and to experience it first hand; an unforgettable experience. While in Ghana you can visit the cities of Accra( the current capital of Ghana), Kumasi(the former capital of the Ashanti empire), Ada Foa, Cape Coast, Kakum National Park, Busua beach, lake Volta, Aburi Mountains, Shai hills, Mount Atiwiredu, and mount Edouka. Ghana’s coastline is long, ecologically diverse, and steeped in history, and below are some locations that are a must visit while in Ghana.

Ada Foa is a coastal town on the estuary of the Volta River and is the capital of the Ada East District on the Southern coast of Ghana. The town is an important tourism center with its beaches, tourist attractions and the Volta estuary. When visiting the town some of the places to visit and things to see include the community zoo, crocodile island, fetish shrines, traditional fishing boats, monkey island, old trading fort at the seaside, Songor lagoon and the Dedukope ostrich farm.

Cape coast is the capital of the cape coast metropolitan district, and is one of Ghana’s significant historical sites, a world heritage site and home to the Cape Coast castle. It was once the largest centre for slave trading in West Africa, with slaves coming from as far as Burkina Faso and Niger. While in Cape Coast you should visit these sights to know more on the slave trade and the history of the region; Cape Coast castle, Wesley Methodist cathedral, Fort William and Cape Coast Centre for National Culture.

The Wakanda Beach Resort in Accra, situated at Langma Kokrobite on the coast is an ideal place to experience Ghanaian cuisine, particularly its fish dishes. Its proximity to both ocean and Accra city means it is far away from the city centre to provide an isolating environment in which to soak in the tropical beaches and taste the local delicacies of Ghana.



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