Additional Student Terms and Conditions

Student Conduct and Policies  


Students agree to conduct myself in a respectful and understanding manner. Students understand if they do not, then the student(s) will be removed from the class immediately and money will not be returned for violating this understanding.  Please see below for detailed information.

Student Policies

Students understand that their email and information will not be shared with anyone except for the Resplendence Language team.  

RLA students understand that they will have to pay prior to the start of their program, class, or session.

Withdrawal policy:

1-2 days before class 100% Refund.

day of class 50% refund

2nd class 25% refund

3rd class 5% refund

4th and 5th no refunds allowed.

Your withdrawal must be in writing


No exceptions to the requirements below

1). Students must have a internet accessible laptop

2). Student must have laptop camera turned on at all times (obviously bathroom breaks, leaving your dedicated student area are all good exceptions)

3). A positive attitude and respect for themselves and others

Please email with questions, concerns, feedback.  Thank you!


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