Kriolu BL2B (Continuing Students)

Introduction to Kriolu – Beginner’s Level 2B

Lead Teacher: Professor Kwame

Basic structure

Day of week: Sunday

Start Date: May 1st
Time each week: 6pm EST

Commitment: 6 consecutive weeks per course

Course Information

This Kriolu Language course is a beginner’s level language 2B training course for learning the language, giving a historical and cultural context in addition to basic notions of the language itself. We teach the Santiago Variant.

Course Objectives

Briefly, the course objectives are:

Introduce the origin and cultural plurality of Cape Verde (West Africa).
Plant the interest and curiosity about our African heritage and a broader understanding of its spectrum.
Make it easy and accessible to approach the learning of a new language.
Instructional Methods

In a simple, succinct and effective way, with the support of learning tools and the association of sounds to create basic concepts of the language for the student.

Requirements and Expected Outcomes

The student will need good internet connection and some time for study and research.

We hope that the student feels familiar with basic concepts of language and culture and is able to be evaluated on what he/she/they learned during the course.

Students Will Learn
A Recap of everything learned in BL2A. Students will learn simple verb conjugation, parts of speech, parts of the body, sentence structure, forming simple sentences, telling time, talking about daily schedule and counting numbers 11-100. Students will learn question words alongside vocabulary used in different daily life activities. This is also a good continuation for students who took Beginner’s level 1A and Beginner Level 2A.

Activities to include role play, songs, and pronunciation help.

Students Will Receive

(a) Weekly handouts (b) homework (c) 2 tests one in week 3 the other in week 5 (d) Access to our exclusive whatsapp group for this class (e) e-flashcards


The evaluation will be made at the end of the course in order to understand how much of the content has been assimilated and the possible need for clarification or reinforcement. Student might receive assessments and/or quizzes throughout the course.

Attendance and participation in classes will also have a bearing on your final experience.

Attendance and Participation

Attendance is mandatory. Student experience will also depend on in-class participation

Withdrawal policy:

1-2 days before class 100% Refund or transfer course

day of class 50% refund
after the student attends the first class, there will be no refunds or transfer of course. Sales are final at that point.

If you have questions, please email is at
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