Code of Conduct for RLA Students

All students learning at Resplendence Language Arts are expected to abide by the Students’ code of conduct. This will help ensure a conducive virtual learning environment.

Expected Behavior

When in virtual classrooms, students must:

  1.       Log into class on time
  2.       Log into class or meeting from a distraction-free, quiet environment.
  3.       Always stay on mute until called on. In case anyone wants to say anything or ask a     question, he/she should use the ‘raise hand option’.
  4.       Always keep their cameras on.
  5.       Use a respectful tone; verbally or in written form.
  6.       Respect other students’ opinions.
  7.       Be courteous while addressing others.
  8.       Proper and responsible use of the chat box.
  9.       NEVER Discriminate against others on racial, ethnic or religious basis among others.
  10.   NEVER share class login credentials with other people.

Student Declaration

By clicking the box located on the registration home page that reads “I Agree to Terms and Conditions”- I have agreed willingly with sound mind that I have read, understood, and agreed to the code of ethics governing students at Resplendence Language Arts and promise to abide by them, failure to which I understand that I may face disciplinary actions including being expelled from the class/course.


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